Life After Bread by Dr. Eydi Bauer

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About The Book

Life After Bread: Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health
By Dr. Eydi Bauer

Millions of Americans are affected by gluten-related illnesses and they don't know it! One in a hundred people has celiac disease, and one out of three is gluten intolerant. This groundbreaking book will help you determine whether you're of the millions whose health is being compromised by wheat products. And if you's the good news...there's LIFE AFTER BREAD. You can put an end to your unanswered health questions and stop feeling sick and getting tired. When you remove gluten from your diet you will:

• Reduce pain and inflammation;
• Relieve depression, anxiety, and mental problems;
• Improve digestion and bowel issues;
• Increase your strength and revitalize your energy;
• Restore balance to your biochemistry.


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